The Owners

Jean Vezina
Managing Director


Timor Leste is a very particular location to operate in and the roles and duties of employers include assisting with the creation of employment opportunities for a young and inexperienced but very dedicated workforce.

To generate these employment opportunities one must commit to closing the technological and cultural gaps between the different markets. This can be achieved by selecting processes and methodologies which better match the Timorese skills set right from the time of design, offering training opportunities and internships to improve these skills set prior to construction and finally providing sufficient supervision to ensure the highest standards of Quality and OH&S are maintained at all time during the construction period or the familiarisation phase to a new technology.

We, as Engineers and employers, must endeavour to make these environmentally and workers friendly technologies available, reliable and affordable to our clients as these technologies are the key to sustainable employment & living in Timor Leste.

Think Globally, Act Locally has never been more true..."

Jean Vezina

Sheilla A. C. R. de Caldas
Owner / Business Developer


Timor Leste is one of the youngest nations on earth and is an absolute land of opportunities for developer in search of Business ventures and we, as Caltech Group of Companies, want to assist international businesses and investors to implement themselves in Timor as their presence and success is the key to the sustainable development of the country.

Our businesses core asset is our employees and our growth in knowledge and expertise is highly dependent on our capacity to attract foreign enterprises as they often bring more advance techniques and equipment which provides skills development opportunities for our personnel and benefits all parties in the long term.

As a Labour agency we dedicate ourselves to bring employment and training opportunities for our country’s men and women and always welcome international collaboration as, in addition to technical knowledge, we also highly value cross cultural exposure and understanding.

Thanks to a decade long of experience in Timor Leste we are confident that an alliance with our group ensures a smooth introduction to the Timorese Business and Labour Market and greatly improves the chance of success of any business venture.

We look forward to work with you as, "together we can build a better Timor"

Sheilla A.C.R. de Caldas

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Our Motto

To be the market leader - by providing our clients with integrated services while maintaining a work and safety ethic that favours the highest standards of quality, efficiency and reduces to the lowest level possible, risk exposure to our workers and potential impacts on the environment.